What We Do

Feifer & Greenberg is a traffic law firm with a focus on vehicle and traffic law related cases and issues.

We represent motorists in courts throughout New York State and defend our clients against every type of traffic violation, misdemeanor and license issue including:

  • Speeding Tickets.  Tickets issued by officers using radar, laser or their own speedometer.  Tickets issued on highways or local roads.  We have experience defending every type of speeding charge.
  • Cell Phone Tickets.  First they were no point violations.  Then two points.  Now three points.  These are in the news, officers are looking to issue them and we can assist if you get one.
  • Disobey Traffic Control Device Tickets.  These are a catchall.  Any type of sign or marking on the roadway can be classified as a traffic control device.
  • Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO).  This is the charge of driving with a suspended license.  It’s usually a misdemeanor but can be a felony depending on why a license was suspended and how many suspensions were on the record at the time.
  • Reckless Driving.  This charge is too often brought where it’s not warranted.  It is a misdemeanor yet officers often issue it in situations that only merited a traffic violation charge at worst.
  • Suspended Licenses.  If your license is currently suspended we may be able to help you get it cleared.  If you are worried about a potential or pending suspension we may be able to prevent it.
  • License Investigations.  Sometimes you know there is an issue (or issues) but it’s old or you lost the paperwork or you are otherwise unsure or you’ve tried with no luck to gather information from the DMV or court on your own.  We can do that legwork for you and work with you to fix whatever needs fixing.

Assisting our clients with these matters helps them avoid:

  • Points.  Violations and misdemeanors above range from two to 11 points.  We can help eliminate or minimize points added to a driving record.
  • Insurance.  Convictions can lead to insurance increases.  Both the severity of the convictions and the quantity of convictions on a record may be taken into account.
  • Fines/Surcharges.  Convictions come with fines, court surcharges and points.  Accumulate enough points (six) and there are additional state surcharge.  We try to avoid all of the above.
  • Employment Issues.  CDL license holders are held to a higher standard than other drivers.  It is easier to lose CDL privileges and it is much easier for driving related issues to affect employment for CDL holders.  Log book issues, medical certificate issues, commercial vehicle summonses and inspections…we can help with all of it.  The same applies to Taxi and Limo drivers.  Even an ordinary license holder who needs to drive to work needs to handle traffic violations with care.