Westchester Traffic Tickets

If you have been issued a traffic ticket and charged with a traffic violation in Westchester County, NY, you may have some questions. Feifer & Greenberg LLP offers hundreds of consultations every month concerning various traffic matters answerable throughout Westchester. We’re happy to provide a straight forward and honest assessment to anyone who decides to submit their inquiry and consult with us.

Various local town, village and city courts spread throughout the county will handle traffic tickets written to motorists while driving in Westchester. There are 40+ courts in Westchester that handle traffic violations issued just north of NYC in areas such as Yonkers and New Rochelle to areas just south of Putnam County like Yorktown and Somers.

Our law firm has successfully represented motorists throughout Westchester County over the last 17 years. Attorneys who represent our clients are experienced in the particular court in question. Our staff is there to answer questions and professional assist with the process throughout the life of a case. The fees we charge are always low fair flat fees.

In each case, the process starts with a free consultation. Simply submit your inquiry to our law firm and we’re happy to offer a practical, honest assessment of your situation. Good or bad, we’ll let you know what you are facing and what potentially can be done about it.

When a traffic ticket is fought in Westchester, there is usually an opportunity to conference with the prosecutor and discuss a potential reduction of the charge. In most situations, it’s preferable to talk it out (plea bargain) before all out fighting the ticket (a trial). If a plea bargain isn’t available or the plea offer isn’t acceptable based on a few factors we’ll consider, then trial is an option. In most cases, we are able to avoid a trial and successfully negotiate a resolution that works for our client.

The local village, town and city courts in Westchester will handle moving violations such as speeding tickets, cell phone tickets and disobey traffic control device tickets and well as more criminal misdemeanor charges such as AUO (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation; Driving With a Suspended License) and Reckless Driving.