Traffic Control Device Tickets

Disobey Traffic Control Device tickets (VTL Sec. 1110(a)) remain a favorite of police departments across the state to write to motorists in New York. Disobeying a traffic control device is a fancy way of saying that a motorist disobeyed a posted sign or pavement marking. Other markings, signals and and even traffic cones can also fall under the rubric of traffic control devices but mostly they are issued for pavement markings and signs. These tickets carry 2 points on a New York record if you are convicted. In laymans terms, the law states, if you see a sign governing traffic, do what the signs says to do. If the signs says not to do something, don’t do it. Disregarding these signs will lead to the issuance of the ticket by police. As mentioned, these tickets get written in huge numbers. This is due to sheer magnitude of the signage posted all over New York precluding and proscribing various actions.

Very often the posted signs at a given intersection will not make much sense as to why the sign is there. In New York City, motorists will find signs prohibiting turns for a period of three hours a day but that same turn remains OK for the remainder of the day. That same sign may preclude drivers of certain types of vehicles from making the turn while it is perfectly acceptable for other drivers to make the turn. Drivers may be prohibited from going straight at a given intersection, not because the road ended in their direction of travel, but just because there happens to be sign there for no apparent reason. One can run afoul of signs governing literally any action you could conceivably take at an intersection, such as;

  • Making a right turn,
  • Making a left turn,
  • Going straight ahead,
  • The type of vehicle you are driving,
  • The hour of the day,
  • The day of the week,

You can easily see why so many of these tickets are issued year in year out. Because no one, even the most conscientious driver could possible know what actions are prohibited at every intersection and on every roadway. If you have been issued a ticket for disobeying a traffic control device let us give you a free consultation and show you how our traffic ticket lawyers can help.