You are the best! At first chance I will recommend you to anyone close to me. SK – Speeding and two other TVB traffic tickets all dismissed.

I have used Matthew Greenberg and his firm two times and they have been successful on both occasions by getting my tickets dismissed. Their professionalism is beyond reproach! I can’t ask for anything more! I recommend them HIGHLY!. Diane M – Cell phone ticket at the TVB dismissed..

Thank you for all your help…It was a pleasure working with you. DC – Four point speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation.

In 2011 I was pulled over because I presumedly blew a traffic light in NYC. After being fined with a compelling figure my main concern was ultimately with points being abated from my driver’s license hence having my driving record tarnished for the very first time. I could not stand the idea that a malfunctioning traffic light that switched from green to orange and then red in a matter of not even 3 seconds would put me at fault thereupon I decided to hire Feifer & Greenberg attorneys at law. The fact that they never backed down and always stood up for me for almost 3 years taking different approaches in my best interest with the final aim to win has been a service of unparalleled quality and amazing efficiency and professionalism. After a long and clever course of actions I am very glad to announce that not only did I not pay the hefty and unwarranted punishment but Most important my driving record remained CLEAN. Thank you to each one of your staff for an exceptional experience. You are UNIQUE and of PARAMOUNT importance in winning my case. AO – Three point TVB red light ticket dismissed.

Well worth the investment, they took care of everything for me. Not only did they get my ticket dismissed but they did it with barely any action on my part and considering my busy schedule, this was extremely helpful AA – Six point speeding ticket dismissed at the TVB.

Please pass my most sincere thanks to to Matt and any others involved. DK – TVB Traffic Control Device ticket dismissed.

I wanted to thank you and your stuff very much for your expertise with the cleared suspension / revocation from Nassau and Suffolk on my license. The result of your professionalism changed my my life for the better today. I am very grateful for the outcome of your service. I will definitely recommend your firm to my pears. E.P.S – Multiple issues/suspension cleared on license

I am very pleased by these results and want to thank you and the team so much for all of your help. This was great news for me and your company handled my case very professionally. Michael K. – Eleven point speed (46 over the speed limit) dismissed at the TVB.

My reckless driving ticket was successfully dismissed this morning and I couldn’t be happier! I appreciate all of your efforts. VB – Reckless Driving misdemeanor dismissed

Thank you so much for all your help and effort. Please forward my gratitude to the counsel involved.
LH – 81/65 reduced via plea bargain to a parking violation

Your service saved me a lot of money. I’ve told all my friends about your company. LD – 77/55 reduced to a 2 point non-speeding violation

Your firm kept in touch with me all the way along, had questions and asked them of me promptly and with respect. When an unexpected issue came up it was dealt with professionally and promptly. I am extremely happy with the end result. RS – Four point speeding violation charge lowered to a parking violation

This is the first time that I’m doing this, so i hope this is O.K. It was very nice talking to you too. You made my day, maybe if i was at your office I would have given you a kiss for being so nice. When someone like you is nice to me the way you were to me, I try to be nice to them too. So have a good day.
Arthur T. – Email sent to one of our paralegals after his free consultation and while his speeding ticket was still pending.

Tell the gang I cannot THANK them enough! JE – 70/55 issued answerable to the TVB dismissed.

“F’ing amazing” MS – 81/65 dismissed

Your fee was money well spent. MC – 75/55 dismissed

I received notice that my case in Queens [was finished] and that both summonses were dismissed. I was extremely happy. H.E.S. – Signal violation and speeding violation both dismissed.

I am very glad I used your services. It was well worth it! TL – Six point speeding infraction reduced to a parking violation.

I love your office. Thumbs up. MB – Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle dismissed

Thank you so much for all of your help! This is great!! MK – Misdemeanor AUO (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation-driving while suspended) and six point speeding violation both reduced to no point violations.

I’m very happy that my ticket was dismissed. This was the first time i hired a lawyer to fight a speeding ticket. Im very happy with the outcome and would use them again. DD – Six point speeding violation at the Bronx TVB dismissed.

Great Job!. Thanks for all your help in fighting our cases. S.Hung – Two point NYC disobey traffic device ticket dismissed.

Thank you so much for all your help! We really appreciated all the hard work the attorney did! Thank you so much 1000 times. N.S.- Three point NYC stop sign ticket dismissed.

I just wanted to say thank you i will be using you guys in the future great job. Alexander P- Eight point NYC TVB speeding ticket dismissed.

I write to express my thanks to you and the rest of the Feifer & Greenberg team who were involved with my case.
It was a very heart rendering experience but thank God you were all able to finalize this case expeditiously. I am already mentioning your firm to my co-workers in the event they or their colleagues need your services. J.H.S- Nine points worth of various violations from a single Nassau County car stop reduced to a two point violation.

I just would like to say thank you so much for all of your attentiveness during this case. As a client, I felt very well taken care of and looked after. The email updates throughout the months were amazing. This case is nearly 2 years old and knowing that someone has been keeping an eye on it has a allowed me to relax and focus on other aspects of my life.
You all did a great job, and I am thoroughly grateful. Samantha L.-Eight point speeding ticket at the TVB dismissed.

Early one Sunday morning I left my house to go to the gym. I drove up the block –where there is a stop sign and stopped to make a right turn-like I’ve done a million times—about halfway up the block I see the flashing lights of a police car behind me—looking to pull me over—I pull over and this heavyset officer comes to my window and asked me if I knew why he was pulling me over—I stated that I didn’t. He asked me for my license and registration and disappears into his car for a few minutes—he comes out and asks me where I was going and I tell him the gym—He tells me I seem like I am a nice guy and then hands me 3 tickets—1 for going thru the stop sign—1 for failing to signal to make a left turn—(I was making a right turn—you can’t make a left turn) and 1 for dangerous driving—I then tell him he must be in a hurry to meet his ticket quota for the day and he’s late to meet his buddies at dunkin donoughts and I will see him in court—I think to myself the chances of beating these tickets are nill because it’s his word versus mine and that judge that everyone talks about with the 100% conviction rating.—I went online and figured let me find a lawyer who specializes in this stuff—what do I have to lose—its a lot of points—so I find Feifer & Greenberg and give them my info—Well after quite a few postponements I just was notified that all my tickets were dismissed—WOW—never in a million years—I don’t know what they did—but what a relief and I recommend them to anyone who thinks the odds are stacked against them—its money I feel was well spent. Thanks again Barry S.-All charges dismissed at the Staten Island TVB.

Yessssss. I am so glad and happy. And I thank you very much for your efforts made to dismiss the ticket
And this is my second experience with you and both were dismissed. I will 100 percent recommend your firm to everyone I know and needs help in fighting tickets. Thanks again R. L.-Four point TVB speeding ticket dismissed.

Great news, thanks. I place my case in your hands and you performed beyond my expectations. Not only will I refer your practice, I will also go online in the next few days rate you positively on as many sites as I can find. Thanks again for the help and allowing me to trust your system T. A.-Cell phone violation dismissed at the TVB.

That’s wonderful news, I couldn’t be happier! You guys clearly know what you’re doing – I’m very happy with the result. J.K.-Fail to yield to a pedestrian ticket dismissed at the TVB.

I found this firm while I was actually fighting the same tickets but on my own. I was sitting down to plead my ticket listening to all the other cases before me. I noticed the judge was not complying with anyone who fought their case either with lawyers or on their own. Everyone was not guilty my reaction was that I’m screwed till I saw this law firm handle 4 cases before mine and she was professional and [getting good results]. When the judge called my case i said i was not ready . A new trial date was given and i hired this firm and my case was completely dismissed. Thank you so much J.M.-Six point NYC speeding ticket dismissed.

I am very happy with the results. Great job! C.S.-Six point NYC speeding ticket dismissed.

9 points vanished! You guys work like magic! I will never forget this and I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you soooo much!. T.I. Six point speed and unsafe lane change both dismissed at the TVB.

This was the best news! I mean, the charge was ludicrous but I knew from prior experience that appearing on my own behalf without professional representation would prove to be an exercise in futility- in the past I have obliterated accusing officers’ testimony before administrative judges to no avail. I cannot thank you enough for your services. S.S.-Cell phone ticket dismissed at the TVB.

I would like to personally thank you and all who participated on my behalf in resolving my case as quickly and professionally as you did.I hope I won’t need your services in the same capacity again, but if I should,I will not hesitate to call upon your firm to resolve any issues I may have in the future.Thanks once again and wish you all the best. L.G.-Three point fail to yield to an emergency vehicle reduced to a zero point equipment violation.


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