What is the difference between driver license suspension and driver license revocation?

Suspension is when your license, permit, or privilege to drive is taken away for a period of time before it is returned.

Revocation is when your license, permit, or privilege to drive is voided and longer exists. To get a new license, or permit, or to restore your privilege you must re-apply to the DMV at the end of the revocation period.  There is never any guarantee that an application following a revocation will be granted as DMV has no obligation to issue a license in circumstances where they feel certain DMV requirements cannot or will not be met.

What are some ways to get a NY suspended driver license or revoked driver license?

Too many driver license points. 

Rule of thumb is 11 points but some judges will have discretion. Length of the suspension can vary based on the circumstances.

Failing to answer or respond to a summons.

There are deadlines for answering a ticket and failure to comply with the deadlines can result in a suspension lasting until you answer or respond.

Failing to pay a fine due prior to the due date. 

There is a deadline for paying fines due and failure to comply with the deadline can result in a suspension lasting until you pay. 

Missing a hearing date or other court date.

If you are scheduled to be in court on a certain date and fail to appear, your license may eventually be suspended until the court clears you.

Three speeding convictions in an 18 month period.

Three such speeds result in a six month revocation.

Driving without insurance.

Conviction for this violation results in a one year revocation.

New Drivers.

While still on probation, a conviction for speeding, reckless driving, following too closely, participating in a speed contest, or any two other traffic violations will result in a 60 day suspension.

Commercial Drivers.

Commercial drivers in many ways are held to a higher standard.  It can be easier to lose commercial driving privileges similar to the way new drivers are treated.

Alcohol and Drug Convictions.

Various convictions for alcohol and drug related violations, misdemeanors and felonies committed while driving can result in suspensions and revocations of varying lengths.

Other Convictions 

There are also potential mandatory suspensions or revocations that can result from making false statements on a license application, from leaving the scene of an accident with a personal injury involved and a few other specific types or quantities of convictions.