Staten Island Traffic Tickets

Have you received a traffic ticket on Staten Island? Do you need guidance on how to proceed? Do you need help understanding the important considerations to take into account after having received a traffic ticket in Richmond County? Call Feifer & Greenberg for a free consultation to answer all these questions. We have the answers that will help you make an informed decision about how to proceed with your traffic ticket.

Traffic tickets issued in Richmond County are returnable in the Staten Island Traffic Violation Bureau.

Our law office has fought traffic tickets for over 17 years and has represented thousands of motorists in the Staten Island Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). Our highly experienced attorneys are in the Richmond County TVB every day and understand what it takes to successfully represent our clients in that court. Our in office staff are attentive to our clients needs and desire to stay informed all through the process of fighting their traffic ticket. We continuously strive to provide courteous and professional service every step of the way. When you call us to discuss your Staten Island traffic ticket, we provide a no-nonsense assessment of your case, and low, flat and fair fees if you retain us.

All traffic tickets issued in Staten Island go to trial. TVB offices do not plea bargain cases and Richmond County traffic tickets are no different. Since reducing the charges to lesser offense is not an option in Staten Island, the goal of representation is to win the case at trial. If we win your case, you will neither pay any fines or receive any points on your driver’s license. No record is created and its as though the ticket was never issued. Some speeding tickets qualify for a small reduction in points under certain circumstances, and if applicable we will inform you of this possibility. However, our goal is to WIN your traffic ticket.

The Staten Island Traffic Violations Bureau only handles moving violations issued in Richmond County. The most common types of violations issued in Staten Island are speeding tickets, cell phone violations and disobeying traffic control devices (signs). Driving related misdemeanors such as Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle and Reckless Driving are heard in Staten Island Criminal Court and not the Richmond TVB. Parking tickets and camera based summonses are similarly not answerable in the TVB.

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