Will my NY traffic ticket lead to increased automobile insurance rates?

Unfortunately, it’s not a question your lawyer can answer with certainty.  Insurance companies consider your overall driving record, your age, sex, car you drive, where you live, where you park your car, type of policy/coverage you have, etc.  There are a number of factors involved that make it impossible for us to tell you exactly how a moving violation conviction may affect your insurance.

With respect to traffic tickets, we do know that both the quantity of traffic violations on your record and the severity of those violations are likely to count against you. There are insurance standards that may protect people from increases after only one single minor violation.  Multiple minor convictions may hurt; a single major speeding violation may hurt.

Bottom line:  Traffic ticket violations are certainly never going to help lower your insurance.  If you are concerned with your rates, try to avoid receiving traffic tickets and if you get them, fight.

Note a couple of other items about insurance:

  1. Insurance companies don’t care about your NYS driver license point total.  That point system is a measuring stick for the DMV.  If NYS decided a speeding ticket for 57 in a 40 that currently carries four points was suddenly worth 3,250 points, your insurance company could care less.  They have their own internal “point” system and method of determining how much of a risk a driver is to insure and the specific values DMV assigns mean nothing to them.
  2. Insurance companies generally have a three year period they look at in determining your rates.  When it comes to traffic tickets and insurance, the date of conviction is what counts.