How We Do It

Fighting traffic violations and related charges is important, but shouldn’t be difficult.

If you have questions or need help or just aren’t sure what’s up or what you have to do, the easiest place to start is by submitting an inquiry to our firm. You can Contact Us via this site or just pick up the phone. Either way your inquiry is directed right to someone with the experience to answer your questions and help you decide how to move forward.

We’ll discuss your traffic violation or other issue. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your situation and help you think through what to do, whether you should fight, whether you need an attorney, etc. We will give hundreds of consultations on a wide range of issues each month. We don’t expect everyone to hire our firm. The idea is to give you an honest assessment of your situation and to move forward as your attorney if you decide it’s in your best interest.

If you decide to have our traffic lawyers represent you, we’ll get you started in a matter of minutes. Depending on what you need help with, we’ll gather the information we need and forward the appropriate paperwork by email. There’s no office visit necessary on your part and our clients very rarely need to attend court. If you decide not to hire us, we understand that not everyone wants or needs our services. We’re still here if you have any other questions or future issues.

What we do with your case and how we proceed depends on a number of factors. TVB or local court, good record or bad, CDL or other license, violation or misdemeanor, potential suspension… all are factors that drive the goals we set and how we intend to assist. This will all be discussed during your consultation.