Traffic ticket fines and surcharges due to the court following a traffic violation or misdemeanor conviction will vary depending on the nature of the conviction, the individual’s record, and the particular court and judge at hand.

When we fight traffic tickets, we do everything we can to minimize if not eliminate the court fines and surcharges due.

On top of fines and surcharges the court will impose following a conviction, there are additional state surcharges based on the points accumulated on an individual’s driving record.  Unlike court fines and surcharges, these are predictable as they are uniform throughout the state.

The NYS DMV Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) requires motorists who accumulate six or more points within any 18 month period to pay driver assessments.

At six points, the assessment is $300.  Every point after six adds an additional $75 to the total due.

Do not expect a ticket you receive to make any mention of the DRP or for a court or prosecutor to remind you.  The DRP is about your cumulative record, not one specific ticket or case.  If you are subject to the DRP and owe an assessment, you will be notified separately from the court by DMV shortly after a conviction.