Brooklyn Traffic Tickets

Do you need assistance fighting Brooklyn traffic tickets?  Do you just need answers about how the Kings County traffic courts operate? Would you like to know what an attorney could do for you in Brooklyn traffic court? We answer questions like this every day and provide free consultations about how to fight your Kings County traffic ticket.

Traffic tickets issued in the Borough of Kings (Brooklyn) are answerable in either the Brooklyn North Traffic Violation Bureau (TVB) or the Brooklyn South TVB.

Feifer & Greenberg, LLP has successfully represented thousands of motorists at the Brooklyn North and Brooklyn South TVB offices for over 17 years.  We have dedicated attorneys in each TVB location who only handle that specific court.  This specialization gives them the experience and knowledge that make them so well suited to fight your traffic ticket in Brooklyn.  The staff at Feifer & Greenberg is similar knowledgeable about the process and procedures that the Kings County traffic courts employ, and they courteously assist our clients with their needs every day.  Our fees are always flat and fair, and our advice is always free.

All cases heard in the Brooklyn TVB offices go to trial.  There is no opportunity to plea bargain these case as there are in other jurisdictions around New York State.  Since negotiation is not an option in Brooklyn, our goal is the outright dismissal of the charges against you.  Dismissal means you pay no fine and receive zero points.  The one exception to this rule, is that some speeding cases in Brooklyn can be amended to a lesser category which can carry fewer points.  If your case qualifies for this, we will let you know during your free consultation.  Regardless,  our goal remains dismissal in every case.

The Brooklyn offices of the Traffic Violations Bureau only handle moving violations.  Common infractions include speeding, cell phones tickets and disobeying traffic control devices.  More serious misdemeanor charges such as Reckless Driving and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation are heard in Brooklyn Criminal Court.  Brooklyn TVB also does not hear parking violations or tickets issued by camera.

Brooklyn Traffic Courts:

Brooklyn North Traffic Violations Bureau
Atlantic Center Mall, 2nd Floor
625 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Brooklyn South Traffic Violations Bureau (Coney Island)
2875 West 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11224

Brooklyn Traffic Violations Include:

Brooklyn Speeding Tickets